Posted by: bhupp | 29th Sep, 2008

The Doughboys

       You don’t see the same amount of patriotism and ready to fight in WWI as you do in the Civil War or the Revolution.  Maybe this is caused because the fighting was in Europe and not in America.  We see the American government institute the draft for the first time.  This was needed because there wasn’t the same amount of volunteers that we see in the Civil War.


       We do see the use of black soldiers carelessly, like in the Civil War.  The government didn’t want black soldiers but when they got desperate they turned to these amazing fighters.  Like in the Civil War they are thrown at the mostly fortified enemies.  They see the hardest fighting just like in the Civil War. 


       Alvin York saw a lot of the fighting.  He was in most of the major conflicts the US was in during WWI.  He turned out to be a very good fighter as well.  In the diary article thing they talk about  “Practically unassisted, he captured 132 Germans (three of whom were officers), took about thirty-five machine guns, and killed no less than twenty-five of the enemy, later found by others on the scene of York’s extraordinary exploit.”  This was investigated by his headquarters and it seemed like he actually did this.


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