Posted by: bhupp | 22nd Oct, 2008

Greatest Generation comes Home

            WWII created the largest number of American casualties in any war.  291,557 Americans died in the war. WOW what a big number.  671,846 Americans were wounded during the war. Another staggering figure. Over half a million men were wounded.  The good thing we do see in WWII, is that more wounded soldiers survived there wounds during the war.  This happened because of penicillin, other drugs, and the ability to use blood plasma close to the fronts.  There were also improved surgical techniques that allowed amputees have a higher survival rate.  We see a reduction of disability from fractures from 46% in WWI to only 10% in WWII. What an improvement. 


             Veteran’s Administration was the largest independent agency in the federal government.  It was not adequate to support the veterans during the war, but after the war General Bradley took control over the VA and he kicked into gear.  He created a much stronger medical-corps.  This was a huge help since the number of patients that were coming home from the front was rising at drastic numbers.  Bradley also created many more hospitals and made tens of thousands of new beds for the rush of patients.  By, 1947 the budget of VA was over 500,000 dollars.     

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