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Wages of war 20/ The Greatest Generation

          As we learned in class WWII was a great boost to Civil Rights. We see that in the reading. Not just whites but blacks were seen as heroes in WWII. Miller took up arms against the Jap’s when he didn’t have to. He sacrificed himself when he didn’t have to. There is a drastic change in the amount of African Americans in the military from the Revolution to WWII. They are even allowed to fly planes in WWII, they got well known at doing that. Everyone has heard about the Tuskegee Airmen.

          This is also a great time for the struggle of women. They were still seen as house keepers before WWII. During the war numbers of women in the military had jumped drastically from other wars. They also had to fight in the factories at the home front. Keep the supply of weapons and materials up, so there men could fight the good fight. The creation of groups for women helped them obtain jobs in the military. It didn’t help them get benefits after the war. They let women fly planes during the war but not actually in combat. They even had to tow targets so the men could shot at moving aircraft. None of these women organizations were seen as part of the “military” so they didn’t get any benefits. They did finally get recognition way after the war in the 70’s but that was way to late for them to use the G.I. Bill effectively and for all its worth. The VA had inadequate supplies and doctors for the needs of women veterans.

          After WWII we see another communist scare. This in due to the COLD WAR!!!! Americans thought that the communists would try to take over America. This went so far that people said the President, VA, American Legion, and other veteran organizations were communists. One of these “communist” organizations was the AVC. The AVC was seen as communist because it was very liberal in its thinking. It had many well known members including Ronald Regan. This organization had to disband since it lost its liberal support when it kicked out a communist member.

          Over all the time period after WWII was a time of great turmoil. Civil rights movements for the desegregation of a country. To women’s rights and the start of the women worker. The rise of the “communists” in America. Finally the start of a cold war and scare of Nuclear Destruction!!! It turned out to be a great time for America with its economic boom and new ideals.

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