Posted by: bhupp | 3rd Nov, 2008

Born on the Fourth of July

I really like this book.  It has more of a story then the other books we have read.  It also gives good insight on how it was to be a solider in Vietnam.  It is a really good read so far because it makes you want to find out what is going to happen next in the book.  What is going to happen to Kovic.  It was kind of boring during his childhood but we need that to set up the rest of the book. 

When he talks about being in the different hospitals, I couldn’t imagine what he was saying.  The smells and the sights he must of experienced. Its amazing he kept his will to live up in such a place.  Knowing that you were never going to be able to stand or walk again would of been a hard thing to deal with.  The worst thing of all the scenes is the enema room.  They didn’t have any respect for the soldiers and cover them up when they were being moved from room to room.  That is so embarrassing. Over all I am enjoying this book a lot so far.

Its seems that the boot camps were about the same.  They had the sergeants who yelled at you and make you feel like crap.  You had to march with all your gear on your back.  The worst part I think of boot camp is the constant degradationof the soldiers at the camps.

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