Posted by: bhupp | 5th Nov, 2008

Born on the Fourth of July II

I really liked the second part of this book. Some parts of it really made me mad and upset. The veterans who came home were not treated the same as the ones, who came home from WWII or WWI. When Kovicwent to the parade, they did not applaud or cheer him on. They just stood there staring at him and his friend.  He said “it was like being a animal in a zoo or that they were on display.”  Other thing that Kovic realizes is that it is easier to talk to vets about the war and his wound then non-vets.  I can see how that is so.They were the vets and they were not even allowed to speak at there own parade. It was sad to see Kovic fall apart and start drinking a lot. 

It was good to see him start to get back on his feet and get more focused.  It was sad again when he had to go back to a VA hospital.  GUESS WHAT IT HASNT CHANGED.  He was treated terribly with all the other veterans.  This is were he started to get the anti-war bug.  He starts to attends meetings at the VVAW.  Its amazing how he becomes a public speaker.  I would have loved to hear him speak.  I was OUTRAGEDwhen Kovic was beat during a protest.  How do you beat up a crippled man in a wheel chair.  Throughout the book he feels a lot of guilt since he killed the corporal and the villagers.


Yeah I was outraged when I read the part about him being beat up at the protest. You would think the wheel chair would be a give away that he was crippled.

I too thought it was sad that Kovic started drinking. I guess no one can really blame him though for turning to drinking, especially after all that he went through. I said the same thing in my blog about the VA hospital not changing. I guess anyone should not really expect a change in the VA hospitals. . . because even today we have problems like with Walter Reed Hospital. Its sad that veterans have to deal with their memories of going to war but it should be easier for them after the war, not more difficult and disappointing. I hated how Kovic was treated after being arrested. . . he was paralyzed and the officers were too ignorant and too busy cursing at him to even notice or care for that matter.