Posted by: bhupp | 10th Nov, 2008

Wages of War chp.23-27

It is terrible that the government is making a bigger budget for weapons and tanks but cutting the budget on hospitals and veteran care.  It seemed like the govenment didnt care about the young men who sacrificed so much for there country.  The country just turned its back on the veterans.  The public made the veterans feel bad also with all the anti-war movements.  They should of accepted the troops and not put the veterans and the war in the same basket.

What makes me the most mad is to see how the United States treated the Viet. and the Veterans during the Vietnam war.  They sprayed Orange Spray all over Vietnam and it affected the civilians and the soliders. It destroyed a lot of crops and had unseen effects on the soliders.  When they got back to the States the govrenment just threw out the claims of the soliders. I wonder what Vietnam would be like now if we didnt kill and injured millions of people.  Maybe it would of turned into a democratic nation.

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