Posted by: bhupp | 12th Nov, 2008

Remembering War the American Way

          The biggest thing that i love about the Korean “War” was that it was actually a “Police Action” not a war.  This just seems very interesting to me.  I knew this was thought of the war before reading this essay, but when reading this essay it was emphasizedmore than before.  During the cold war America starts to see itself as the defender of freedom and the fighter of communism.  We see a big change from isolationism to an America that cared more about the world than of themselves.  We felt unstoppable at this time since we just came out of a huge victory over the Fascists and we haven’t lost a war yet.

          This would soon change when America entered into the Korean War.  It looked like we were doing very well unitil we got to close to the Chinese border and they felt threatened.  China invaded North Korea and pushed us back.  We had a real fight on our hands now.  We ended up not losing but not winning the war.  We got out of Korea luckily without losing it completely to the communists.  I really like how the government didnt let any of the dead soliders stay in Korea.  They were all brought home.  On the graves of the soliders back at home they were not allowed to put Korea War because it wasnt a war.  That seems very gay.  They fought and died for there country.  The veterans did get a heroes welcome when they got home though.  The Korean war became a forgotten war after a couple of years.  It made me mad that no one wanted to create a memorial after the war.

           It was interesting to read that the civil war saw more bloody destructive protests to drafts than the vietnam war.  I was super pissed when i read that NV would not account for missing soliders or return the remains of dead soliders back to the UNited States of America.  So they could punish America and use them as possible bargining chips. Obviously there were POW’s left in Vietnam, even though NV denied.  We know that there was POW in Vietnam because Rambo found many in Rambo: first blood Part II. JK!!!! I hate how the Viet Vet is seen as baby killers, when only a small percent of the vets actually took part of the killing of Vietnam civilians.  Veterans saw no parades whenthey got back from the war. There was one exception, when POW’s came back from Hanoi.  The vietnam war never became a forgotten war.  The vietnam memorial was built in the early 80’s a lot faster than any other memorial was built after other wars.  The Korean memorial was finally made more than 35 years after the war was eneded.


I agree with you about the POWs. How could the government not own up to the fact that there were still soldiers missing there?? Or even worse, how could they not do everything in their power to find the missing soldiers?? I also hate how American citizens viewed Vietnam veterans as “baby-killers.” Society always automatically assumed that all soldiers were alike, when in reality, they weren’t. I mean, really, these soldiers sacrificed so much, and they returned to an America that viewed them as “baby-killers?” I can’t imagine how the soldiers felt when they heard that after returning home.

I don’t see why the Korean War is not seen as a “good war” too. Didn’t the bad guys attack and we fight them back and preserve freedom in at least that part of Korea (South) that was in our sphere of influence after WWII. The old timer Korean War veterans should see themselves as winners regardless of how poorly that war in Korea is seen in the shadow of World War II.
Just taking a drive on the highways and seeing all the Hyundais should convince all that liberty was defended and preserved in Korea.